These 5 advantages of living at home Small

The developers have now started to offer small houses or apartments-dimensional limited for people who want to live in the middle of the city.

Limitations and the high price of land to be one of the driving factors for the decision of the developers.

Has a small-sized House is indeed not a negative thing. Some bloggers around the world already shared her experiences living in the home of Petite.

Their testimony mentioned that small-sized home apparently offers a lot of positive things like this.

Minimal expenditures

Jill Winger from revealed in his blog that he is now euphoric to live in small-sized residences.

The first reason that drove him to the conclusion this is the low cost. According to Winger, used to live in a small house more “friendly” with the budget.

He just needed a little bit of energy to heat and cool homes and affected to electric bills are cheaper.

There are not much first settled

It is also submitted by Heather Levin from Just as the Winger, Levin also revealed that the smaller the home, the less energy needed.

The residents also require less effort to clean and take care of the House. In effect, the cost is also less.

Save time

Not just a little more effort, the time it takes to take care of small-sized House is also less.

As quoted in, small-sized homeowners don’t have to spend a lot of time for design, choose a wall color, choose carpet, choosing furniture, lighting, and decor.

A little more space to place items in the House is also forcing homeowners scrimping.

Reconciling family

One other thing that is no less important is the ability of a small-size home “forced” homeowners to interact with her family. calls this with a “comfortable and intimate.” A similar case would be difficult to achieve if the family lived in a large House.

More quickly sold

Interestingly, the revealed that small houses will be sold more quickly than a large House.

The increase in the cost of electricity continues to make society more observant in choosing a home.

Energy efficient home will become it in the future. So, no mistaking when small-sized House would be a target.

Wait for what again? Don’t rush refused to offer small-sized homes. Check out their characteristics, consider used to his advantage.

3 Stratagem to make Living more convenient

The existence of the family room in the House is often covered by a “pamor” owned by the kitchen and the bedroom.

In fact, the family room is one of the important communal space that can be used by all family members.

In this place, all members can mutually interact, activity, and establish harmonious relationships.

Therefore, you need to put special attention to the family room.

Here are some ways to make the perfect cozy family room used by all family members.

1. change the position of the couch and sat in the family room.

Try placing your sofa facing the entrance or areas of “traffic” dense toward the living room.

You don’t need to put it exactly facing the door, just make sure anyone that is in the family room can easily see the chamber visitors without the need to rotate the direction of the front of the body.

You remain free to place the sofa in the corner of the room setting, in the middle of the chamber, or stuck on the walls.
Make sure the sofas are arranged so that entrance leads the room to look more “inviting.”

2. Search for a focal point in your living room.

This central point can be either goods or one corner of the chamber. This item will be “towing” attention.

Family or relatives who visited the rooms subconsciously will steer his view on these things.

Usually, a unique work of art in the form of paintings on the walls or the focal point of the family television room. Departing from there, you can mendekor the entire room.

Some think closing a television or hid it in a closet. Camouflage like this isn’t necessary.

Designer Markham Roberts said, television-television available today are already have a beautiful shape. Homeowners don’t have to waste energy and space just for the sake of covering the television.

In this case, technology can play a major role in making Your living room more comfortable. Make the only television broadcasts to be part of the appeal of Your living room.
Thanks to the technology available today, the homeowner is no longer dictated by television broadcasts.

The owner of the House, including children, can select and watch his favorite event when gathered with her parents.

They no longer need to spend time with the family title. In the meantime, parents can witness the event Favorites after the kids are asleep.

Although relatively new to the world of design, Henderson already managed to give the look of your living room a sweet, stylish, fun to use and looks every day.
This feature is already available on some cable and satellite television service.

3. make sure the comfort of family members in the living room
There are many things you can do. For example, provide comfortable lighting in the eyes, put the carpet so that the floor is not cold and the children can play on it, as well as regulate the air temperature in the room using the air conditioner.

Want Healthy Bathroom, Use This Way

Ideally, a healthy bathroom has some characteristics such as free incoming sunlight, air flows smoothly, and the presence of a potted plant that helps cool the room.

The bathroom is indeed never used more than one, but that does not mean the room is 1, 5 m x 1, 5 m with bath or shower and closet is enough.

As with any other room in the House, the bathroom any time to note his health. So it is not only functional, but also convenient to use for the activity.

Moist is the problem most be a threat in the bathroom. Moist air in the bathroom could potentially give rise to MOSS and fungi which potentially cause disease germs eventually.

Although washing body may only take 15-30 minutes, who would want to do it in a dirty bathroom because of MOSS and mildew and smell not tasty?

In order to stay healthy and the bathroom is clean, there are a few things you must do. Do I not difficult.

First, the bathroom must be designed to be able to incorporate a lot of sunlight, i.e. through skylights.

Sufficient sunlight to make the bathroom more quick dry so that the mold, mildew, and bacteria cannot breed.

In addition, the entry of the sun into the shower make efficient electric because as long as the sun shines, you don’t need the bathroom lighting from lights.

The second step is to make a hole in the wind. The point itself is not another and not as a pathway exchange of air.

But, many people hesitate to make a hole in the wall of wind. The reason is that of the fear of privacy while bathing.

But it could be with how to put the plant in front of the walls of the hollow so that passers-by could not peek.

If the vents are made of brick and hollow block so you can organize them are slanted so that people can’t perceive directly to the bathroom area.

The next thing going classified as a healthy bathroom is a plant in the pot. Sounds simple, but the plant had a pretty good role in helping freshen the air in your bathroom.

For plants in the bathroom, in addition to beautiful you are advised to choose plants that can absorb the pollutants.

MRT stations in the Luxury and futuristic Taiwan

Commuter infrastructure should not always be dull and monotonous.

One of the latest metro station in New TTaipei City, Taiwan, can be used as an example because of its futuristic architecture style.

Designed by the firm of arstektur local J.J. Pan & Partners, mass rapid transit station (MRT) Dingpu looks like a spaceship from the station in General.

Dingpu station built with curved line overall compiled the materials of modern materials.
Dingpu Station China
The roof of the station using the reflective solar tubes which make it energy efficient. Also, the LED light features give the impression of contemporary and eco-friendly.

The concept of the Dingpu Station architecture inspired from the transition from the industrial city of Tucheng District coal mining became a center of technology.
Dingpu Station China
The curved line that can be found in all parts of the station to form the letter C represents the carbon.

According to the architect, it implies a revolutionary advancement of the coal mine to become a high-tech carbon nanotube.

The curved line is along the interior of the station and is visible on the floor and also the ceiling.
Dingpu Station China
Unlike other underground station, the Dingpu Station is illuminated with natural light from the Sun through solar tubes and transmitted to the underground lamp symbolizes light waves, halos, and luxury.

Also, there is also a programmable LED light along the walls of the station. Dingpu station itself have been opened since last year.

6 ways to naturally Detox your body that can be done at home

The intake of nutrients can be obtained from the food consumed. But, in food also stored a variety of toxins that may be harmful to the body. Well, many people use Detox methods as a way to cleanse your body naturally.

Patut Dicoba, 6 Cara Alami Detoks Tubuh yang Bisa Dilakukan di Rumah

For starters, people would limit the ‘ junk ‘ foods that fit into their organizations. This means reducing the food that causes irritation of the intestines such as alcohol and coffee, also limit the foods that cause inflammation, such as sugar and processed foods. However, it is not enough.

“Improving liver function to reduce the accumulation of toxic products in the network is highly recommended,” said Dr. Frank Lipman, inventor and Director of a company’s health.

Well, to do the Detox the body, need not cost prohibitive. Because, in a natural way, you could do a detox at home, as cited by Fox News here. http://­­03/rcti.html

1. drink a lemon in the morning
When waking up, quickly, drinking a glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon. Lemon helps the liver produces enzymes that will help the digestion process and help the liver secretes toxins. Vitamin C in lemon is a powerful antioxidant that can ward off free radicals and strengthens the immune system of the body.

“Detoxification process during nighttime keeps the body hydrated, and it is very important to replace the loss of electrolytes for the sake of invigorating the body. Lemon will avoid body with an electrolyte composed of potassium, calcium, and magnesium, “said Lipman.

2. Do a little movement
Doing yoga in a variety of poses also proven to cleanse the body naturally. Yoga movement stimulates the digestion and the body’s expenditure.

“A lot of digestive discomforts comes from stress. So by letting go of the feeling of pressing, then took a deep breath to calm can make diagrams loosens muscles and allows the body to do the job better, “said Lipman.

Read also: Can Absorb toxins, whether the Charcoal effectively to Detox the body?

3. Eat broccoli
Broccoli reduces the inflammation that is linked to many diseases such as heart pain, diabetes, and cancer. Not just broccoli, food consumption which contains lots of sulfur like shallots, garlic, broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower, also believed to be able to bring down inflammation.

“Food that contains high antioxidant that helps the body fight off the toxin,” said Lipman.

4. Take a shower properly
The most difficult things done especially when the air being cold is the bath. Moreover, doing a ritual bath such as brushing the body. But in fact, cleaning the body needs to be done before a bath.

“With the brush, the skin will release the demise of cells so that no clogged pores and sweat are easier to get out. It also stimulates the circulation below the skin to continually make new skin cells, “said Lipman.

5. Drink tea
Tea containing dandelion can improve liver function and help decrease the buildup of toxins in the tissues. Also, studies of Milk Thistle herb tea mentions that able to improve liver function, using protecting liver cells from damage and stimulating liver tissue repair.

The study also reveals the tea can help strengthen the walls of the heart in fighting toxins, stimulates enzymes that can make toxins harmless, and block free radicals from attacking the cells.

6. Soak in the tub with Epson salt
Soak for 20 minutes with the addition of about two cups of Epsom Salt Spoon can help the colon. It is believed, Epsom salts contain minerals which can encourage the discharge of toxins from the body. Salt it can absorb into the bloodstream and can relieve constipation. Constipation according to Lipman can also be eased with the help of magnesium.

“Epsom salts contain magnesium. Magnesium and other minerals and nutrient salts are absorbed into your skin during bathing can aid the detoxification process, “

Every Second, There Could Be Three People Died Of The Bacteria Immune Drug

The indiscriminate use of antibiotics can trigger the emergence of bacteria-bacteria are drug resistant. This is according to a study Review on Antimicrobial Resistance carried out by researchers of the world conditions are getting serious.

Setiap Detik, Bisa Ada Tiga Orang Meninggal Karena Bakteri Kebal Obat

It is estimated if the world community’s habit of using antibiotics as ‘ candy ‘ was not changed, by 2050 the bacteria safe drugs that appear can take victims to 10 million per year. This means that every second there are three people who died.

Study leader Lord Jim O’Neill said it is important that the world knows this. In his study, he recommended a few things that can be done to suppress resistance such as a massive educational campaign, promoting the use of alternative medicine, awarding prizes for each new antibiotic discovery and reduce the availability of antibiotics, especially for agriculture.

“If we do not resolve this problem we headed into the darkness, where there will be a lot of people died,” said O’Neill as cited by the BBC, Sunday (22/5/2016).

“We have made some recommendations challenge that requires everyone to get out of the convenience zone. Because otherwise this problem will never be completed, “he said.

Recommendations going forward are expected to prevent cases such as that experienced by Emily Morris of the United Kingdom. Her exposed to a urinary tract infection takes eight years to recover because the bacteria immune drug.

“Any sense of stinging and sore, my heart feels the fall considering how much more antibiotics left over that I do not try,”

Warning Fumes at EgyptAir chances are there Fire near the cockpit

Data from the reporting and communications systems of the aircraft ACARS or mention the presence of warning smoke when EgyptAir plane lost contact MS804. Suspected source of fire that produces smoke that is near the cockpit.

Peringatan Asap di EgyptAir Kemungkinan Ada Api di Dekat Kokpit

Reported by AFP, Saturday (21/5/2016), Middle Egypt confessed to authorities investigating the report. Egypt Ministry of Transportation authorities has not disputed the findings, mega mini.

“We are investigating the report’s Central. At this time, I cannot refute or confirm the findings, “said Ministry of Transportation authority of Egypt.

Meanwhile, the aviation expert, reported by David Soucie, mentions that the smoke from the hot temperature indicator near the window and the co-pilot in the cockpit behind the lavatory.

“If there is a fire on the plane, in the indicated area ACARS, chances are there’s something near the cockpit. It could be that there was engine failure, or shorted, “he said.

Soucie mentions ACARS cannot show the cause of the plane crash. But the data is important because it’s sent every 1 or 2 seconds.

“If it came from a bomb and the characteristics of the bomb will melt the wall of the aircraft cabin. And this is not an indication because the bomb was very fast and the report does not show it, “said Soucie, who mentioned the possibility of fire that interferes with aircraft communications equipment.

ACARS data link is to transmit messages between aircraft stations on land. Time was reporting the presence of smoke in ACARS warning according to the time when the plane was reported missing.

EgyptAir plane was certainly missing after the discovery of the wreckage by Egypt’s military. Any search conducted around the location of the debris found around 290 kilometers or 180 miles from Alexandria.

The plane carrying 56 passengers and ten crew. The aircraft was known to fly from Paris, France, to Cairo, Egypt.

The aircraft was last seen before take-off at Charles de Gaulle Airport on Wednesday (18/5) night local time. Previous aircraft visible on the radar of the radar at an altitude of 37 thousand feet or about 80 miles before entering the airspace of Egypt. Then the plane had swooped to the left and then spun 360 degrees to the right and thereby declining and disappeared from the radar of the radar at an altitude of 10 thousand feet.

Pizza Hut United Kingdom Created a Pizza with a mix of Beer

Pizza Hut United Kingdom do innovation for pizza menu. They make two pizzas menu limited edition set with a mix of beer in the batter.

Pizza Hut Inggris Ciptakan Pizza dengan Campuran Bir

On Friday, pizza hut in Finchley Lido Hut will be piloting a new menu. Chef was making pizza creations with beer because it as ‘ perfect pair ‘.

The mirrors (16/08) report later there are two flavors of The Pizza Hut served Steak Feast and The American Hot. The menu is Steak topping mixture contains Fest three kinds of cheese with sliced steak, onions, mushroom, and onion garnish was given a mixed beer BBQ sauce.

While American Hot could be vegetarian options. There is a mix of three kinds of cheese, sweet corn, mushrooms, onions, terkaramelisasi, chiles, jalapenos, roquito garnish chives and BBQ sauce mixed with beer.

Pizza Limited Edition it’s only provided for one day until supplies run out. If successful, the pizza will be sold across the United Kingdom.

Guests can try menu pizza beer is free at the newly refurbished branch of it. But they need to whisper the secret words ‘ I Like it ‘ Hops to the employees of the restaurant when ordering. They also need to buy a beer as you wish to try the pizza.

“We know that craft beer is very popular nowadays, and we celebrate not only by adding a craft beer to our menu, but also add them to pizza dough. We also know that many of our customers who enjoy his favorite pizza with a cold beer. So we thought this would be a perfect culinary combined, “said Kath Austin, Director of HR and Marketing at Pizza Hut Restaurants, as reported by the United Kingdom from the Mirror.
He added that the team of Pizza Hut took a lot of time to perfect the recipe and the combination of flavors. But all the hard work paid off with the proceeds of such creations, and he waited for the moment when consumers try it.

“We are proud to be the first network in the United Kingdom who conduct trials batter wearing beer. And we hope this can supply nationally if it proves popular, “

Mother and daughter Origin Indonesia this Jury As Britain’s Got Talent 2016

Just look at the trend of video on youtube turns out there is a video titled “Ana and Fia’s emotional duet gives us the chills | Auditions Week 6 | Britain’s Got Talent 2016 “. The party that uploaded the video has also been verified as an official account on youtube from Britain’s Got Talent.

In the video looks duet between mother and son that amaze the judges in the future. Even all the jurors to stunned and thrilled at the same time astonished over their duet.

For myself and maybe to another netizen in Indonesia, which is interesting of course if it is known that the mother and child were from Indonesia.

Initially, all possible assumed a strange, and there is no need to be devoted to the appearance of Ana and the Fia. However, one of the juries asked related to How the reaction of the husband when his wife sound as good as knowing it?

Then there all know how Ana feel sadness when asked questions like that because it turns out that her husband divorced Ana itself.

I quote from the online daily The Mirror, one of the jurors named Amanda Holden asked Ana associated with her husband’s opinion of her voice is powerful, yet surprisingly Ana thus replied with a sad tone.

“My marriage is appalling. Recently I was forced to take the kids out of the House. This was the beginning of a new one for us. I hope our future better, “next to the Holden Ana almost shed tears while witnessing the appearance of Ana and the Fia.

From the Ana also finally answers in mind if it turns out that Ana family originated from Indonesia to had already moved to the United Kingdom starting in 2011.

In a variety of foreign media also mentioned if the story of a pair of mother and daughter Origin Indonesia is already making wowed the jury the show Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) 2016 that aired every Saturday (14/5/2016) local time.

Ana and the Fia itself became one of the show’s audition participants a degree of talent in the United Kingdom. Mother and son are incredibly talented as the event took place sings a song titled “Tell Him” performed by Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion.

At impressions video circulating on youtube, look 4 Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) 2016, i.e. made up of Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and David Walliams, showing their admiration is associated with the appearance of Ana and the Fia which has a very sweet voice.

After singing the song look Ana, and Fia Fia even cuddles each other until invisible tears because happy could appear on the show Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) 2016.

5 the application Most Drain your Internet

The Internet has indeed become the currently needs an absolute must have on our mobile phones. Especially for you, the netizen or those who in their profession does require an internet connection, mobile internet quota needs should always exist.

For those who are bold and, marsupials have a lot of money to buy quota the internet with the package internet access unlimited, for they don’t need any worries running out of quota.

Even for those who have money are many, they never seem to think about how much they are using internet quota because in their HP internet quota is always there and unlimited.

But for some people who believe the internet is considered the quota is still expensive, then it is a step that must be done is by way of saving their internet usage.

But sometimes there are few internet users who don’t know how to keep internet quota in order not to run out fast.

With these conditions, we often hear some people say always wonder why their fast internet connection once discharged, but they include rarely use internet quota in their HP.

Indeed, some internet users still exist which assume if they feel rarely use their internet connection but in fact their fast internet quota is exhausted.

If you also include experienced such things, then you need to know that the cause was probably due to some application that you install on your mobile phone.

Because you do have to know that one of the causes of the use of the internet, including the quota because the utilization of some application that is indeed well known to deplete your internet quota.

Here I tried to group 5 of the popular Application very draining your internet quota based on my personal experiences that I join the solution at the end.

1. Youtube
If you were already installed in mobile youtube application, then do not think though you rarely include internet access but if you watched the video several times through youtube, then set out your Internet quota will be sucked out.

The use of or more youtube more wasteful when compared when you only access small size images much less just writing access [text].

So my advice if you want to save your internet quota, then never access the youtube application. But if indeed you have many quota, please just all-you-can-eat access video via youtube.

2. Facebook
Well, this app is one of the possible applications are often without even realizing you were able to suck up your internet quota is exhausted without you even realizing.

Yes, especially if you do not disable the setting auto play video on facebook and plus you do not disable the notifications on Facebook, then you will lose internet quota without you even realizing.

3. Twitter
Twitter and Facebook are almost the same as Facebook applications in the Affairs of your internet quota suck.

If you don’t disable notification from the application of this one, then you have to get ready to run out of your internet quota without you even knowing it.

4. Instagram
The application of this one also includes contributor your internet quota, because in its instagram indeed contains pictures and videos which are also ready to dredge up your internet quota.

5. WhatsApp
One application that is sometimes taken lightly and as if not to eat your internet quota. But don’t get me wrong, if you include the routine use of applications on this one, especially if you have lots of chat group on WhatsApp, then you should be ready to answer your internet quota is quickly depleted.