Have A Close Friend Can Help Someone Overcome Depression

Have A Close Friend Can Help Someone Overcome Depression

Have A Close Friend Can Help Someone Overcome Depression

As social beings, humans will want to have at least one friend. In addition can be used as a place of sharing love and grief, friends can also help overcome depression experienced by someone.

According to the Bern-Klug, the author of the study from the University of Iowa recovering from depression is not easy. But the friendship relations have at least one person becomes an important factor in controlling mental health, one of them to overcome depression.

“Have a relationship of friendship that makes a person close to four times more likely to report mental health than those who do not have a relationship of friendship,” said Bern-Klug, quoted from the Indian Express.

In his studies, Bern-Klug and team assess the person who in a year free from depression, restlessness, a desire to commit suicide, and substance abuse can meet her mental health as being able to obtain happiness or life satisfaction, life is positive, and the psychology of the prosperous.

The study, also published in the journal of psychiatric research is expected to be a bright spot for patients who are experiencing mental health ganguan, his family and the doctors are experts. It is said also by Esme Fuller and Thomson from the University of Toronto that already many people recover from depression and live a normal life when they have a good friendship relations.

“In other words, there is no word of surrender for people experiencing depression and family to achieve a cure,” said Senyo Agbeyaka, author of the study from the University of Toronto

Most abdominal pain complaints triggered by Stress

Most abdominal pain complaints triggered by Stress

Most abdominal pain complaints triggered by Stress

Complaints of abdominal pain can be triggered by many things, ranging from a bacterial infection to the wrong meal. According to a study, the trigger most precisely because of stress.

Research conducted by experts from the Cambridge University revealing, 30 percent of complaints of abdominal pain in adults is triggered by stress. Stress is the first cause of stomach pain, followed by a poor diet (26 percent) and lack of sleep (17 percent).

Virus infection thus there is in fourth place with only 14 percent. The rating was assigned along with alcohol consumption, which is also responsible for 14 percent of complaints of abdominal pain. cara menghitung berat badan

Other findings revealed in this study are women more often experience a complaints of abdominal pain than men. As much as 88 percent of women experienced it in the last year, compared with just 83 percent in males.

Speaking of stress, the study also indicated that women are 2 times more susceptible to severe stress than men. This fact is linked to social change, given the women of today are running more roles within the family.

“When women are exposed to stress, they tend to be more menginternalisasikannya and experience anxiety,” said one of the researchers, Olivia Remes was quoted as saying from the Dailymail, Monday (23/6/2016).

In a study involving 2,000 adults in the United Kingdom is, as much as 45 percent of the respondents choosing natural remedies like drinking ginger tea while experiencing abdominal pain. Only about 34 percent are taking medications (over the counter) to resolve it.

Understanding Insurance and Risk

Understanding Insurance and Risk

Understanding Insurance and Risk

INSURANCE is one form of risk control is done by way of transfer / transfer of risk from one party to another party in this case is an insurance company.

What is the sense of Insurance?

According to the Commercial code article 246 “Insurance is an agreement by which a binding to an insured, to receive a premium, for reimbursement to him for damage to or loss of expected benefits that may be experienced as an event that is not necessarily” , perbedaan antara
Understanding another insurance is a transfer of risk from the first party to the other party. In the delegation ruled by the rule of law and the enactment of the principles and teachings which are universally adopted by the first or any other party.
The economics of insurance means a collection of funds that can be used to cover or provide compensation to those who suffered losses.

What are the benefits of insurance?

Besides, as a form of risk control (financially), insurers also have a variety of benefits that are classified into: the main function, secondary functions and additional functions.
The primary function of insurance is risk transfer, fundraising and premiums are balanced. Secondary function of insurance is to stimulate business growth, prevent loss, damage control, social benefits and savings. While insurance is an additional function as investment funds and invisible earnings.

What is the sense of risk?

According to the Commercial code article 246 “Insurance is an agreement by which a binding to an insured, to receive a premium, for reimbursement to him for damage to or loss of expected benefits that may be experienced as an event that is not necessarily” ,
Understanding another insurance is a transfer of risk from the first party to the other party. In the delegation ruled by the rule of law and the enactment of the principles and teachings which are universally adopted by the first or any other party.
The economics of insurance means a collection of funds that can be used to cover or provide compensation to those who suffered losses.

What is the risk?

Definition of ‘risk’ insurance is “the uncertainty of the occurrence of an event that could cause economic loss”.

Any forms of risk it?

Other forms of risk include pure risk, speculative risk, particular risks and risk fundamentals.
Pure risk is the risk that as a result there are only two kinds: a loss or break even, for example, theft, accident or fire.
Speculative risk is the risk that as a result there are three kinds: loss, profit or break even, for example, gambling. Particular risk is the risk that comes from individual and local impacts, such as plane crashes, car crashes and the ship foundered.
While the fundamental risk is the risk that did not come from the individual and the impact area, such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.

Are all risks can be insured?

Not all risks can be insured. The risks can be insured are: risk can be measured by money, the risk of a homogeneous (the same risks and pretty much covered by insurance), a pure risk (the risk is not profitable), particular risk (the risk of source individual), risk occur suddenly (accidental), insurable interest (insured has an interest in the object insured) and the risks that are not contrary to law.

Understanding, Purpose, and Types Distribution Of Law

Understanding Of Law

Understanding Of Law


A law is a man-made system to limit human behavior that human behavior can be controlled, the law is the most important aspect in the implementation of a series of institutional power, law has a duty to ensure legal certainty in the community. Therefore any masyarat entitled to have a defense before the law so that it can be interpreted that the law is the law or the provisions of the written and unwritten that govern people’s lives and provide sanctions for violators.


The purpose of law has universal properties such as order, tranquility, peace, prosperity and happiness in the governance of society. With the law, each case can be resolved through litigation with prantara judge under the provisions of applicable law, but it aims to maintain the law and prevent any person can not be a judge of himself.


The law can be generally divided into two, namely the Public Law and Private Law. The criminal law is public law, meaning that the criminal law governs the relationship between the individual with society and society is only applied when it is really needed.

Van Hamel, among others, stated that the Criminal Law has evolved into Public Law, where implementation is entirely in the hands of the state, with a few exceptions. Pengeualiannya is against offenses complaint (klacht-delicht). Which requires the existence of a complaint (klacht) in advance of the injured party that the state can implement it.

Then the Criminal Law at the present time see the special interests of the individual is not a major problem, with the weight of Criminal Law laintitik word is in the public interest / public. The relationship between the victim was not by mistake with the relationship between aggrieved by an adverse as in the Civil Code, but that relationship is between the guilty and the Government are to ensure the public interest or the interests of society as a hallmark of Public Law.

Examples of Private Law (Civil Law)

Civil law in the broad sense (civil law and commercial law)
Civil law in the narrow sense (civil law only)
Interpreted in a foreign language:
a) civil law: Privatatrecht or Civilrecht

b) Civil law: Burgerlijkerecht

c) Legal trade: Handelsrecht

Examples of law Public Law

Constitutional law
That set the shape and composition of a country and power relations anatara lat-fittings countries to each other and the relationship central and local government (LG)
Administrative Law (Administrative Law),
set how to perform a task (rights and obligations) of power equipment in the country;
Criminal law,
set a prohibited act and provide criminal to anyone who violates and regulate how to take the case to court (criminal dilmaksud herein including procedural law as well). Paul Schlten and Logemann considers criminal law and not public law.
International Law (Civil and Public)
a) The International Civil law, the law that governs the legal relationship between the citizens of a nation with citizens from other countries in international relations.

b) International Public Law, regulating relations anatara one country to country and in international relations.

Various Legal Division

1.According to source:

Law legislation, the law contained in legislation.
Customary law, the law that is located in the customs regulations.
Treaty law, the law that established by states of a treaty country.
Law jurisprudence, the law that formed because of the judge’s decision.
Legal doctrine, the law that is formed on the opinion of a person or persons renowned legal scholar in the science of law.
2.According to shape:

Written law, the law that included the various laws
Unwritten law (customary law), the law that is still alive in people’s beliefs, but not written, but adhered to the enactment of such a legislation.
3.According to point of entry into force:

National law, the law that applies in the State.
International law, namely the law governing relations in the world of international relations.
4.According to validity:

Ius constitutum (positive law), which current law for a given society in a given area.
Ius constituendum, the law that are expected to apply in the future.
Human law (natural law), the law that applies everywhere in all times and for all peoples in the world.
5. By way of preventing it:

Material law, the law that contains regulations governing the interests and relationships that intangible commands and prohibitions.
Formal law, the law that contains the rules governing how to implement the law material
6. By its very nature:

Laws that force, which is legal under any circumstances have absolute compulsion.
Governing law, the law that could be set aside if the parties concerned have made their own rules.
7.According to his form:

Objective law, the law of a State applies in general.
Subjective law, the law arising from the law objectively and applicable to specific people or more. Also called rights.
8.According to contents:

Private law, the law that governs the relationship between people with each other by focusing on individual interests.
Public law, the law that governs the relationship between the State with their fittings ata relations between States with citizens.

The Mercurial blood pressure could also disruption of brain function

The Mercurial blood pressure could also disruption of brain function

The Mercurial blood pressure could also disruption of brain function

It’s no secret anymore if the blood pressure is too high or low can culminate in various risks of cardiovascular disease and other diseases. But, there is also a criterion also has blood pressure bad for the body.

Recent studies of the Rustger Cancer Institute in the United States found that blood pressure tends to be fickle is also not good for the body. The study, published in the journal of the American Heart Association found that there is a link between people with blood pressure varies with the decline in cognitive function and memory of verbal ability.

“The changing blood pressure indicates unstable blood flow, which can cause dangerous conditions in the blood flow to the brain and can change the structure and function of the brain,” said study Chairman, Bo (Bonnie) of Qin of the Rustger Cancer Institute, New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States.
Further, studies involving the 976 adults aged 55 years or older also finds fluctuation in blood pressure refers to the presence of bacteria that affect the process of Pathology such as inflammation of the blood vessels and the function itself.

“Controlling blood pressure instability could probably become a potential strategy to maintain cognitive function in adults and the elderly,” said Qin, quoted from the Indian Express.

In addition, studies in collaboration with the China Health and Nutrition Survey to calculate variations in the blood pressure of participants ‘ by visiting professional health workforce by as much as three or four times. During the visit, the participants also attended the quiz to observe cognitive abilities associated with the speed of the thinking brain.

Lorenzo Said The Barriers Are This Season

Lorenzo Said The Barriers Are This Season

Lorenzo Said The Barriers Are This Season

MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo claimed to still have obstacles with specific conditions on the track this season. What is it?
Of the seven races so far, rider Movistar Yamaha in particular have difficulties in three races in between. In the three races that traction grip on the surface trajectory is lowhttp://nurudinsya.blogspot.com/
In Argentina it was raining the night before races and Lorenzo then oncoming garaby. He finished second in Jerez in hot weather with the condition of the surface is not easy but the difficulties rival Valentino Rossi‘s paceteammate.
Rossi’s second victory this season in a similar condition in Barcelona and when that Lorenzo constrained aus front tire on motornya, to finally engage the incident with Andrea Iannone of Ducati up out of the race.
There are always problems with special conditions when low grip, or with a path or the tarmac which makes the front tires wear out faster,I’m having a constraint to be competitive,” said Lorenzo at Autosport.
“(It’s been) going on for several years. With Bridgestone in Australia in 2014 when my front tires wear out quickly so I had to drove more slowly. It takes place in Jerez, although I finished second, happened (in Barcelona).
Rossi who got a motor like me aren’t too constrained, it is because the style riding or positioning her body on the motor, so it can hold the front tires wear longer. He can maintain the pace throughout the race, whereas I should be way more slowly in order not to crash, he said

6 the idea of creating a photo gallery on the walls of the House

Photo Gallery on the wall is an excellent way of creating the focal point in the House.

But before you create the Gallery, there are some ways regarding showing the pictures or the pictures on the wall of a House favorite.

In an age when many photos were taken and stored on the smartphone using Google Drive or Cloud as well as uploaded to social media, photo wall or a group of pictures framed remains popular.

Photo gallery wall, in fact, can be processed and made as your heart because it is very flexible and is easily taken down. http://www.onlinetv.id/2016/03/rcti.html

“Photo gallery walls makes you can display any passing thorough and comfortable way. It is also the best way to fill the empty spaces in the walls of the House, “says Creative Director Framebridge.com, Tessa Wolf.

Here there are six ideas of making a photo gallery on the wall that you can do at home.

1. Grid or Grid

The important hang photos this way is to use the same frame vertically and horizontally.

Each frame at least doesn’t be a larger three-inch in each direction because according to Wolf it will not make a visual connection.

You also have to make sure to use the same frame size. How to grid or grid itself used to uniform the photographs with different dimensions.

2. Staircase or staircases

If you want to create a photo gallery on the wall from time to time, then this style of staircase is the most ideal.

The reason, according to Wolf, you can build a wave vertically on the wall on either side.

This style makes you do not have any limitation regarding fitting the photo or its frame.

3. Mirrored or Mirror

According to Wolf, the Freestyle form of a mirrored wall is suitable in this aisle, wall over a sofa, or on the wall above the big mattress.

Grouping with this style makes all the frames look has the sizes different, but Wolf suggested to combine three or four small frames similar to a box in a style mirrored this for visual harmonizing galleries.

“It will create a visual wall consistently and will also make it easier for You to move the frame to the other,” added he.

4. Outer grid or Grating outside

When using this style, Wolf invites you to think about the shape of the outer frame is what you want.

If you want a square, then the outer side of the frame must be a strip which means the distance between the frame will vary.

But if you want some form of the external structure more organic and flowing, then you can hang your frames photo frames with the same distance in all directions.

Whenever possible, you can hang the frame a frame by using a sawtooth hanger.

Wolf suggested measuring half an inch down from the top of the frame to install the nails so that the frame can be hung.

5. A Squared or Rectangular

This complete square-style gallery is placed on the wall above the entrance or in the room with the formal style settings such as the dining room.

It will be good, according to Wolf, to be consistent, you can make it in one color scheme photos or art, the style of the frame, or his art style.

6. The Spiral

If you have a mix of photo portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) that you want to show, then you can create it by using the gallery style walls of the spiral.

“The gallery walls always look more attractive if you have some photos of the square, vertical, and horizontal,” said Wolf.

If you do not feel the cohesion or its proximity, you can put it together using a single color frame.

The entire frame is black with white or a white frame with black suburbs tend to be timeless eaten times.

Be careful, the House could be a target of “Hackers”

Smart TV or Smart television and various other internet-connected devices, this time into something that must be used in the high-tech home.

However, according to the United States Director of national intelligence James Clapper, the lack of security on an increasing number of devices connected to the internet is a boon for tappers.

Clapper told the Senate Armed Services Committee last week that U.S. intelligence agencies might use the internet to spy on citizens.

“In the future, intelligence may use for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to the network users,” he said.

A variety of devices such as voice commands smart TV, wireless speaker, gaming consoles and the connected car program can be used to listen to.

The reason, the device must routinely send data “home” to the server, and the device’s microphone is also always a turn on if at any time you need to “talk” to them.

This is not just of interest to intelligence officer to “sign in” in the House. The weak security in the smart household device allows hackers to gain access to a part of our lives.

Whereas, You naturally prefer to keep things private. The researchers found the baby monitor that is connected to the internet are especially prone to hacker when the thermostat Nest Google divulge user’s home location via the web.

In the year 2022, more than one trillion predicted sensors will be connected to the internet. The potential benefits of the Internet votes will be colossal and almost certainly will make our life much easier.

However, the connected home also poses big questions related to security and personal things.

These 5 the first World Heritage site

There are thousands of world heritage sites scattered across the world. The world heritage site listed by the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is also an exciting tourist attraction visited.

Certainly need a long time to be able to visit them all. But there are 12 World Heritage sites listed for the first time in 1978.

Initially, only the countries that signed the Convention on the establishment of the World Heritage Committee can propose the nomination of the site. After 37 years, 191 countries finally signed the Convention.

Of 12 first World Heritage site, the following 5 of which were as quoted from CNN Travel.

National Historical Park L’Anse aux Meadows, Canada.

The rest of the life of the Vikings in the 11th century in L’Anse aux Meadows, Canada is a significant proof of the arrival times of the first Europeans in North America.

Excavations at this site find a timber frame building, grass-topped peat which is also found in Iceland at the same time.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

The sea and a cluster of islands making the Galapagos Islands a unique archipelago and consists of rare animals, plant life and activity of the seismicity that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Located approximately 1,000 km (620 miles) from the southern region of the continent of South America, the Galapagos Islands, home to unique animals and plants. Fauna of “inhabiting” here like giant tortoises, marine iguanas, blue-footed Sea Bird (Sula nebouxii), Galapagos cormorant

Simien National Park, Ethiopia.

The stunning mountain peaks, steep valleys, and rare animals that consider the Simien National Park as their home.

Visitors can find the Walia Ibex (a goat), a rare Primate Gelada, and Simien Fox. Also there are also leopards, hyenas, wolves, leopards and 400 bird species.

The City Of Quito, Ecuador.

The city the Quitus, the people who lived in the region before the occupation of Spain, the capital of Ecuador, founded in the 16th century on the ruins of the Inca City. Although many hit by the earthquake, the historic center of Quito’s quite well-maintained.

Visitors can see the style of the Baroque School of Quito, a mix of European and native elements, in the monasteries of San Francisco, Santo Domingo, La Compania Church and school.

Salt mine Wieliczka and Bochnia, Poland.

Salt mine Wieliczka and Bochnia in Poland is an example of the impressive mining techniques from the 13th century until the 20th century. There is a basement that serves to salt extraction. katakan

The area excavated for salt is converted to warehouses, workplace, and the Chapel, with statues and other decoration carved into the rock salt. Tourists have started visiting this site since the beginning of the 19th century.

In addition to the five that site, there are seven other sites which is the first World Heritage site of UNESCO-listed as Nahanni National Park (Canada), the Church of the Rock-Hewn Churches (Lalibela, Ethiopia), Aachen Cathedral (Germany), the historical centre of Krakow (Poland), the island of Goree (Senegal), Mesa Verde National Park (Serikat), and the Yellowstone National Park (United States).

It Used To Be Considered Austere, Progo River Is Now So Location “Rafting”

Of the many last tours, rafting is probably the most numerous fans. The sensation of wading through the counter-current River Rapids afford adrenaline anyone who tried it.

This makes Yogyakarta during a tour as one of the flagship sectors even yet have rides for rafting. Travelers who want to do rafting, the nearby destinations of Yogyakarta is Elo River located in Magelang Regency.

But since the beginning of June 2016, this Yogyakarta already has spacecraft rafting. Is Cahyo Alkantana, perpetrators of last tours before managing the Cave tourism initiative established operator named Top Rafting. Cahyo Alkantana chooses the Progo River as a location for rafting.

“Although the community trusts the Progo River as sacred places and haunted, it does not deter us develop it into a tourist attraction,” he said.

Although not attractive as a place for rafting, it has been quite often being defeated by their rafting enthusiasts. Compared to the rivers in the region of Java, There is one of the most challenging.

It said Cahyo, the Progo River has rapids of class III to V (of the six types of Rapids), specifically in Alap Bligo dam line, up to the bridge of Dekso.

“Although it has Rapids up to class V, the line is secure due to the use of Wade oar oars,” said Cahyo.

Paddle oars alone is two long oars used by whitewater rafting guide who was in the back of the ship.

The paddle that has a length of 2.5 meters each that makes it easy to guide the ship to steer the rubber. Not all of the rivers in Indonesia can use oars for rafting.

Even before the present in the Progo River, rafting is a new method used in the two rivers in the world, namely the United States and the Colorado River in the Zambezi River on the Zambia-Zimbabwe.

Because paddle is so the length of the, then use this oar rafting can only be used in wide rivers, such as the Progo.